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Title: Future Ad Pro
Post by: PassiveTools on November 09, 2017, 02:13:59 AM
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Talk about putting your faith in the right community.
It all began with $85 on March 15, 2016. A bright spring day, full of potential and inertia.
I began to dedicated 5 minutes a day to FutureAdPro.

566 days later I am writing this.
Yes, I did massive compounding. Massive!
The traffic is worth more than the money and still is.
But some Bits need to get a bit better

Here is one question that begs to be answered.
How, how did they survive and others did not?
Epic questions, and there are many variables.

~ I would say their communication and ability to focus is their strong points.
I mean they are running it like a real business. ( something we do not normally see…)

Let’s see some of the key points that might spike your interest

Hmm, what’s first?...
A current account snapshot! (October 3, 2017)

121 packs @ $50 = 6050
But that is not accurate, no pack has the full $50 remaining to payout. ($60 is the end total)
Since these are evenly distributed (1 a day ) we can divide by 2 and it would be a decent guide to our real balance. 3025

As long as we keep the packs rolling and floating above 100 packs

We have forever targeted traffic flowing to us. [/font]
(yes, I’m excited)

Why not keep compounding to the max of 1000?
~ money rules are there for a reason, let’s follow them. Eh?
~ Better Bits deserve love!


Evolved advertising?
How odd is this setup of the ‘10 ads daily’ ? lol
~This timer counts if you have 10 ads viewed in the most recent 24 hours.
~ counter resets to 0 when you viewed your 10


(Advertisers: notice you have 9 choices of which to view, this consumes 1 ad credit)

~ Real forced views.
        If mouse is not on FAP screen,
        If screen is active.
        #Epic for advertisers!!!

Price per ad credit[/font]
Usually this would be a good question.
But since this traffic is forever flowing we need to look at the consumption of ad credits instead.

Here are my old ads,

For this conversation I will make one so we can track it together ( I will post updates and insights to this page in a week or month)

Anyways looking at current stats you see the ratio of ‘clicks to views’ is almost 10%
( I almost always click on the ad on the top left, because I am ad blind)
It is always worth writing to the ONE person who does read the text ad. That is the ONE person you want!  ~They found you, not you found them~



ID verification was pretty simple. A photo id is worthy of submitting, just make sure your back office info is identical to what your ID says!

And withdraw process is streamlined. Even with email withdraw verification  #nice


Personally I do not mind the 5% for futureNet ( we will find a use for it sometime)
~ The btc withdraw fee is $4 no matter the request amount ( an incentive to accumulate up before withdrawing)

So what is next?

Are you already a member of FAP?
If so, should we setup a ref link rotator for BBC members another loyalty benefit?

If not, would you like to join our team?
There are a few things you should consider first!
You really have to be consistent, 5 minutes a day. Everyday! (

I am even able to offer a bit of protection to my downline ( in case of site closure: details on subpage )

We are already in profit, and have a decent cushion to float on, as well as supply the funds for bbc withdraws. 

Join FutureAdPro as our downline and grow with us.
Title: Re: Future Ad Pro
Post by: PassiveTools on November 09, 2017, 02:15:21 AM
currently floating at 100 packs and withdrawing the rest in sets of $100
Title: Re: Future Ad Pro
Post by: PassiveTools on January 09, 2018, 04:25:05 PM
Still maintaining 100 active packs and withdrawing the excess in sets of $100 but results in only $81 result.

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I anticipate another one in about a week.

Here's my Passive Earner Tracker